NEW MINI Multi Gate Nozzle

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NEW MINI Multi Gate Nozzle

Multiple Gating for Small Molds like this have never been possible before! OAL from 2", balanced fill rate, temperature control at each gate, just fantastic!

Osco's MGN Multi-Gate Nozzle has been proven very successful over the past 25+ years. Successfully running commodity resins or engineering grade resins, such as Nylon, Glass Filled Amodel, Rynite, Ryton, PC, to name a few. This proven design was successful because it offers our customers these important benefits:

  • Smaller Molds and Unit Die Molds
  • Smaller Tonnage Press is possible
  • Balanced Fill Rate
  • Temperature Control at Each Gate
  • Minimal resin residence time as compared to a traditional manifold/drop system.


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MINI-Hot Sprue

Posted 2015-02-18

Osco's HSN (Hot Sprue Nozzle) is designed to fit directly into either a traditional mold base or a Unit Die style mold frame.

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